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Online WWW Psychic Precognition Experiment

We encourage everyone to participate in this online world wide web psychic precognition experiment. This experiment was designed to answer the question. "Do humans actually possess precognition abilities?" Or to put it simply "Do people have the ability to foresee into the future?"

Zener ESP cards
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Psychic Precognition Experiment Instructions:
This psychic precognition experiment uses the Zener ESP cards. There are five cards: a star, a square, a circle, a plus sign and three wavy lines. A computer program will randomly select one of the five cards. Select the card you believe the program will select. To select the card you believe the computer program will select, click the card. The psychic precognition experiment conducts trial runs of 25 cards. You will have only 20 seconds to make each selection. The program will record the number of correct guesses made. At the end of each trial run of 25 cards, the number and percentage of correct quesses are displayed. The results of every trial run is automatically entered into a database along with the date and time.

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The statistical results of all users of this program can be viewed onlne.
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