Psychic Precognition ESP Test

Zener ESP cards
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Simple despription of using Zener ESP cards for clarivoyance testing.

Zener ESP cards were designed in the early 1930s by Karl Zener (1903-1963), an associate of J. B. Rhine, for use in ESP experiments (Randi 1995). In the Zener ESP card deck there are five cards: a star, a square, a circle, a plus sign and three wavy lines. A deck of 25 Zener cards consists of five of each symbol.

1. Two people are selected, one is the 'sender' the other is the 'subject' who guesses the card the 'sender' is viewing.

2. A third person acts as the observer to oversee the test and make sure it is conducted fairly and properly.

3. Situate the sender and subject where they cannot see one another and eliminate distractions.

4. The observer should shuffle the deck thoroughly before giving it to the 'sender'. Beginning with the Zener ESP card deck face down, the sender takes the top card and looks at it.

5. The 'sender' concentrates on the symbol on the card and remains completely silent.

6. The 'subject' attempts to 'guess' or psychically receive the symbol. For each Zener ESP card, the observer records whether or not the guess was a correct or a not.

Statistical Analysis Simplified
Since there is a 20% chance that any card is being viewed by a 'sender', any percentage of correct guesses more than 20% in the long run would indicate that something other than random chance is occcuring.