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These computor practice game is a hard one to beat. In order to consistantly beat these games, you must know the best starting hands, river hands and what drawing hands to play on the flop and turn. As a beginner, there is no pressure so you learn to read hands at your own speed. As an experienced player, view multiple hands quickly to improve your poker skills.

Texas Holdem ~ Poker Practice Game

Omaha ~ Poker Practice Game

Tahoe ~ Poker Practice Game

Designed for learning and recognizing hands.
A simple fun game you can play anytime.
No downloads are necessary.
Play online anywhere.

These games were designed to replicate a 'loose' small stakes game $2-$4 with 9 other players. Six players will stay in after the flop and two players will play to the showdown, resembling a 'loose' game. You may fold, call or raise. Bets double on turn and river. For simplicity, all the other players are 'call stations' who never raise.