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Do you have perfect (absolute) pitch?

Perfect Pitch Test & Simple Ear Training Tool

Who has a better ear?

Friends of mine, also musicians, were joking around with each other about who has better musical skills. As usual someone boldy stated "I have a better ear than all of you!". Of course I blurted out "BS!" (without thinking). Nothing more was said because we all could "play music by ear". So we made a simple perfect pitch test. Now the bets are on!


This perfect pitch test is simple. Perfect pitch, also referred to as absolute pitch is the ability to recognize or sing a given isolated note. Twenty-five notes will be randomly selected. Listen to the piano note. Select the name of the note (C,D#,E etc.) Select the note that was played. (C,D#,E...) At the end of the perfect pitch test, the results of each answer will be displayed with the percentage of the correct answers. The highest score will determine who has a better ear. Have fun! Lately, some have been using this 'perfect pitch test' as a training tool. It is kind of fun!

Should you correctly identify all twenty-five notes, YOU HAVE PERFECT PITCH!!! Only about one to five in ten-thousand US citizens have perfect pitch. There are genitic and cultural differences.