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We're all bound to go ~ Lyrics


1. Oh Johnny was a rover
And to-day he sails away.
Heave away, my Johnny,
Heave away-ay.
Oh Johnny was a rover
And to-day he sails away.
Heave away my bully boys,
We're all bound to go.]

2. As I was walking out one day,
Down by the Albert Dock.
Heave away, &c.
I heard an emigrant Irish girl
Conversing with Tapscott.
Heave away, &c.

3. "Good mornin', Mister Tapscott, sir,"
"Good morn, my gel," sez he,
"It's have you got a Packet Ship
All bound for Amerikee?"

4. "Oh yes, I've got a Packet Ship,
I have got one or two.
I've got the Jenny Walker
And I've got the Kangeroo."

5. "I've got the Jenny Walker
And to-day she does set sail,
With five and fifty emigrants
And a thousand bags o' male."[4]

6. Bad luck to thim Irish sailor boys,
Bad luck to thim I say.
For they all got drunk, and broke into me bunk
And stole me clo'es away.

[Footnote 4: meal.]


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