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Oh run, let the Bullgine run ~ Lyrics


1. Oh we'll run all night till the morning.
Oh run, let the Bullgine run.
Way-yah, Oh-I-Oh, run, let the Bullgine run.

2. Oh we sailed all day tö Mobile Bay.

3. Oh we sailed all nïght äcross the Bight.[7]

4. Oh we'll run from Dover to Cällis.

5. Öh drive her captäin, drïve her.

6. Öh captain make her nöse blood.

7. She's a dandy packet and a flier too.

8. With a dandy skipper, and a dandy crew.

9. Oh we'll run all nïght till the mörning.

[Footnote 7: Of Australia.]




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