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KBá ~ Audio Engineering since 1999
Serious Stage Sound | Field Recording | Post Production
~ Jackson County - Oregon USA~

Shure 55

Jackson Soloist  Audio Engineering & Post Production

Audio Engineering   We are two professional musicians both with decades of experience working throughout the music industry. From small clubs to large concerts and studios, we have mastered the craft of sound reinforcement along with recording events. Should you need some serious stage sound engineering, recording or post-production to enhance your sound, send us and email at

Jackson Soloist  Guitar Whisperer ~ Technical Repair (Southern Oregon USA)

Rodney Hudsun & friends ~ Go Panthers   Rodney Hudson, 'the guitar whisperer' is now available to fine tune and make your baby happy. Do you need some ER for your Guitar? Well, the doctor is in. Have a broken neck, no problem. Need some 'open heart' wiring, no worry. Want to make your sweetie more playful. Rod's rod adjustments and fine harmonic tuning will make her scream like never before. She will purr, hum, and satify your sonic desires. Also specializing in custom modifications. And if you got a gig and need a guitar, he can loan you one until your's is done. Go Panthers ! ! !

Jackson Soloist  Latest Ear CandyGoing To Work !

So here are some mp3 tracks you can jam to . . . enjoy!

Phoenix Rising ~ 7.9MB (4:13) mp3 ~ Brett Jauhola guitars,
Rod 'one take' Hudson on bass & William Cresswell on the drums.
A Tribute to All The Fire Fighters who somehow saved our humble abode !!!

Thank you everyone,
Brett A. Jauhola

Adlib Uproar!

   Here is an hour of rock guitar, bass and drums. No vocals and no screaming lead guitars. Tracks you can jam along with. Go ahead and use these track and have fun with them. Practice some leads. Oh yeah, there are alot of chord changes. Should you hit it big, kick down some love and hire us!!!
~ BAJ guitars & RH on bass & RP360 on drums >:-)

50s Song.mp3
Must Be Dreaming.mp3
Swing That.mp3
Just Hold On.mp3
Country Funk.mp3
Groovin In Spain.mp3
Lets Boogie.mp3
Carry On.mp3

Fisherman Blues.mp3
Siletz Rock.mp3
Tops Down.mp3
Get Around.mp3
Knock Me Down.mp3
Rock Show.mp3

A Night At Da Club (or music to vacuum naked)

   Hey we are still recording !!! All these recording are just the backtracks for us to 'fine tune the tune'.

This one is sad ... Good Bye Seattle

MOX8's rule * * *
Acid Club
Alternative Pop
Button Down
Funky Fingers
Minor Mood
Open The Door
Rocking The Country
Sunny Beaches
Talk Show Band
Two Hands Of Latin
Urban Shuffle

More to come. . .

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